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Save up To 30% On Global Flights & Hotels


The global $7.6 trillion travel industry is dominated by big players which do not innovate and do not offer the opportunity to pay for services in cryptocurrency.

Travel booking platforms take 30% fees on bookings, charging customers high prices and leaving less money for hotels and other tourist services.

Travel & Its Problems

Hotels and airlines are forced to pay high commission fees to booking platforms - or else lose bookings and competitive positioning.

MSG - The Solution

This will eliminate all fees imposed by existing travel booking platforms, making travel cheaper and offering a one-stop platform where to manage all your travel activities.

With an inventory of more than 250,000 travel services globally, MSG is ready to bring you the widest, fastest and more price-competitive travel booking platform in the world.

Morestamps Global will jumpstart a travel revolution by allowing clients worldwide to pay for travel services in more than 40 cryptocurrencies.

Platform Features

MSG Payment Gateway

40+ cryptocurrencies accepts and more to come, for a truly crypto-friendly global travel platform

MSG Token

The unique payment and reward token of the MSG platform, powered by the safety, transparency and efficiency of Ethereum technology

MSG Mobile App

The fastest and easiest way to manage all your travel activity from your smartphone - including bookings, special discount offers and travel updates for your destinations


Mark Holton

Racheal Camaron

Thumbs up to their active customer support who took care of me during the whole booking process. I was able to pay with litecoin!

Susan Ramos

An intuitive platform! Without a doubt, I can say that traveling is living and even more when your travel agency gives you the best advice in the ideal destination so that your days are totally different from the everyday, thanks for giving me this wonderful experience.

Fatai Oladapo Adebanjo

They are a wonderful company with promptness. I recently booked with them and mistakenly didn’t follow the booking procedures to complete my booking, so after complaints, they acted faster on my request. The CEO personally waded into the matter and it was permanently resolved.

Aria Marshal


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How You Benefit as an MSG Investor

MSG is a revolutionary platform that combines Blockchain technology, decentralisation and travel. The MSG platform and token represent a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of the travel industry disruption:


Access exclusive 30%+ discounts on hotels, flights and more than 200,000 other tourist services worldwide.


Use the MSG mobile app for bookings, updates and special discount offers, all updated in real-time.


Pay for travel services using 40+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.


Participate in exclusive contests to win free holidays in the world’s top destinations.


ICO participants can fully cover their hotels and flights with MSG tokens.

ICO Roadmap

October 2018

Conceptual Design

December 2018

Private Token Sale

February 2019

ICO Start

May 2019

Exchange Offering

November 2018

Publishing Website &

10 January 2019

Pre-Sale Start

May 2019

Exchange Listing

Token Allocation

Total Supply: 156,970,000 MSG Tokens


Bounties & Airdrop

Team & Advisors


Budget Allocation

The funds raised from our token sale
will be used as follows:

Database Acquisition

Exchange Listing Expansion

Augmented Outbound Marketing

Supplier Expansion

Payment Gateway

Exchange Listing

Outbound Marketing

Supplier Allocation


Token sales and termsToken sales and terms

Token Pre-Sale


1 Month & 15 Days

Minimum Deposit


20,248,800 Tokens at 10 cents + 15% bonus:

$2,147,050 Total

Our Development & Funding Goals Are Aligned

  • MSG Platform Development
  • Supplier Allocation
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Exchange Listing
  • MSG Payment Gateway
  • Integration of Travel Databases
  • Supplier Expansion
  • Expanded Outbound Marketing
  • Expanded Exchange Listings
Our Milestones

Concept DevelopmentIn Progress

MSG Platform DevelopmentIn Progress

Inventory of 400k Travel ServicesIn Progress

MSG Token Integration

Launch of MSG Mobile App

Team & Advisors

Patrick Amoah

Founder & CEO

Yazan Al Imam

Business Developer & ICO Advisor

Darius Kozlovskis

Strategic Marketing & ICO Advisor

Victoria Amoah

Head Of Sales & Suppliers Relation

Sydney Ifergan

ICO Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Jason Hung

ICO Advisor & Founder Of Crypto Fund

Darya Hniadzko

Platform Design UI/UX

Giovanni Casagrande

ICO Advisor & Co-Founder Of Black Marketing Guru

Marco Sala

ICO Legal Specialist & Advisor

Shadrack Kofi Amoah

Business Analyst & Suppliers Relation

Giacomo Arcaro

ICO Advisor & Co-Founder Of Black Marketing Guru

Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain & ICO Consultant

Bogdan Fiedur

ICOBench Expert, Smart Contract Developer, Full Stack Developer

Ken Cucchia

Founder of ListaCoin DEX & ICO Advisor

Joshua Newornu

Technical Support Specialist

Denis Drogovski

Legal Consultant

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